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Residents Remind Entrepreneurs of Illegal Excavation C in Coal to Immediately Leave the Location.

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Residents Remind Entrepreneurs of Illegal Excavation C in Coal to Immediately Leave the Location.

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COAL | – Galian C operating in Tanjung Muda Village, Air Putih Subdistrict, Batu Bara Regency, has begun to show its teeth to law enforcement officials (APH). The reason is that the operation of excavation C in the jurisdiction of the Indrapura Police, Batu Bara Police is illegal. Saturday (18/05/2024).

Judging from the excavation businessman C operating in Tanjung Muda Village, it is easy enough to earn a living, without anything stopping the entrepreneur.

“According to sources who told the media crew via WhatsApp, we admit that the Indrapura Police, Batu Bara Police, were quick to respond to residents’ reports a few days ago,” but we really regret that the businessmen completely ignored what had been agreed upon with local residents who did notWanting to reveal his identity, he continued, the businessman wasn’t afraid.

He continued, we suspect that there are individuals who are the backing behind the C excavation business. Even though previously it had stopped for a year.

The Indrapura Police, Batu Bara Police, together with the Tanah Merah and Tanjung Muda Village officials, made an agreement with excavation businessman C, not to carry out sand mining activities, but this was actually violated by excavation businessman C and the owner of the excavation business violated this. C casually seemed to ignore what had been made in the agreement.

“They are still carrying out their activities secretly, bro, take a peek and you won’t believe it,” said a source to the media crew.

Tanah Merah Village Head, Mhd Qodriansyah, confirmed that his party had carried out a review and accompanied the Batu Bara Police to stop the C excavation activities. “This is our documentation from last night, bro.

He added that the impact of sand dredging and/or C excavation could damage the environment and building objects, it is certain that the Tanjung River Dam is in danger of collapsing, and there will be damage to the gabions, as well as the impact of erosion, said the Head of Tanah Merah Village.

The community’s hope is that in order to maintain a conducive situation and avoid undesirable things, we ask the law enforcement officers (APH) to take firm action against the C excavation entrepreneurs, we want them to leave the excavation site.

The community also asked the police to check the business owner’s documents regarding the impact of the damage around the excavation, “We were comfortable when that person closed,” because the residents did not want a repeat of the previous action which could disrupt security and social order due to the actions of stubborn businessmen. That’s it, he appealed. (Team)